session tips

Senior sessions are by far my favorite portrait sessions!  They're fun, full of personality and result in images that will be forever treasured!  Here are some tips to make sure that you get the most out of your senior session:

1.  Girls, get your hair and makeup professionally done.  I cannot stress enough what a huge difference this will make in the outcome of your session.  Plus this is a big day for you, you're only a senior once!  Pamper yourself!

2.  Guys, get that haircut about 7-10 days before your session.

3.  Clothing - stick to your style!  Assuming 3 outfits:  Girls, I recommend a nice dress / sundress for one, something causual for another, and the 3rd something fun that reflects who you are or what you're into!  Guys, similar rules...a dressy option, a casual option and something that reflects who you are.  In both cases, busy patterns and prints are discouraged.  Some ideas for that 3rd uniform, dance outfit, t-shirt and ball cap...whatever portrays you!


5.  Props & Accessories - Accessorize!  Hats, scarves, jewelry, boots, jackets, belts all make great additions to your look.  Props!  Are you a golfer?  Bring the clubs.  Play an instrument?  Bring it!

6.  Choose the right photographer!  This may seem obvious but I've seen many seniors or parents rush this decision based on price or schedule only to end up upset with the outcome.  Look over the work of your potential photographers, make sure you love their style!  Make sure you understand up front what the price includes.  Look at the reviews, google the company or photographer you are looking into and read the reviews!  

7.  Have FUN!  This is your day, enjoy it!  I love people and do everything I possibly can to keep things relaxed and fun.  I have a blast with my seniors and I think it shows in our sessions.